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Readers Choice Book Awards-A charming children’s picture book, with a positive message about kindness and compassion. A FINALIST and highly recommended. 5 Stars

bookworlder-One of the things I appreciated about Whitney Wins Everything is that it avoids the cliche of losing to learn that winning isn’t everything. Instead, Whitney learns that it is okay to take a step back and not be the star, lifting someone else up instead. I also enjoyed the ending conversation, repeated in each Tiny Ninja book, that lets us know that their tiny ninjas will be with them always. 

All About the Books with Janet Squires-As with Graham’s first book, there’s a tiny ninja present to act as a subtle voice of conscience in this story about teamwork. That subtlety is a quality that is particularly appealing in Graham’s writing. The tiny ninja doesn’t lecture, but provides an opportunity for conversation that allows Whitney to discover answers for herself as she talks out her disappointment and confusion.

The lively, humorous text is a delightful read and touches on important themes of teamwork, kindness, and friendship.

Kids Book Buzz-This is a really cute book that shows that winning isn’t everything. I tend to be like Whitney, but I see now that it’s better to have fun than to always come in first place. The illustrations were fun and colorful. (Reviewed by Liam, age 10)

Carla Loves to Read: Saturday Morning With Kids-My grandchildren all enjoyed this one. The older two understood the message of having fun and not always having to win, the youngest loved trying to find the ninjas. They have listened to this story a few times, and my oldest grandson has proudly read it to his younger siblings.

A Net in Time-Whitney’s character is so well-developed.  She’s a happy lass who loves sports and has a well-developed competitive edge.  If you can’t do a thing well, why bother doing it seems to be her motto in life.  She is into dill pickles and kittles, science was fun… but winning….that trumped everything!   As part of her life, she has an ever helpful Ninja.  Isn’t the full use of colour wonderful? (Read the full review here.)

Albertina, Netgalley-5 out of 5 stars This book was adorable. I really loved the illustration and the concept of the story. I felt it was written perfectly for the target audience. I also really liked how there were "mini games" in the story as well.

Miranda, Netgalley-5 out of 5 stars “Cute book! Will be a great book to share with my toddler as we are in the “winning” stage. Loved the illustrations & enjoyed finding the little ninjas!”

Dana, Netgalley-5 out of 5 stars Whitney Wins Everything by Sasha Graham was a very cute picture and story book. Whitney learns to be a teammate and to let her friends help win at soccer. Also finds out that not everyone always wants to be with someone who wins at everything.”

 Andrea, Netgalley (Educator)-4 out of 5 stars A sweet, touching, smart book about Whitney who forgets the joy in doing things and focuses on just winning. When she sees how this is effecting her friendships and others, with a little help from Tiny Ninja, she starts to change her ways with happy results. A great book to teach children about competitiveness and the importance of doing things "for the fun of it!" A really sweet, colorful picture book my 2nd graders will enjoy.”

Milo Does Not Like Mornings

"In our reading class this morning we sat down to read Milo Does Not Like Mornings and both Charlie and I enjoyed the story a lot.The Mommies Reviews

"Entertaining writing and appealing illustrations encourage kids to tap into their resources."— Kirkus Reviews

"Our granddaughters are 4 and 7. They especially enjoyed the two-page spreads where they had to look for hidden Tiny Ninjas." — Books for Young Readers

Michelle, Goodreads-5 out of 5 stars What a great story we ALL could relate to! It was fun to read aloud and the illustrations were captivating. It's a must read! Can't wait until the next adventure!

Matt, Amazon-5 out of 5 stars Creative, well-written, and loved by our eight year old. We're looking forward to more little ninja books!

Mandy, Amazon-5 out of 5 stars We bought this book for our two boys, aged 8 and 6. Both really enjoy the story and find different values from the story. It's so beautifully written and so colorful in nature. It's become a household favorite! One of the best kids books we've bought in a long time!