"Whitney Wins Everything" is now available!


Whitney Wins Everything

From the author of the beloved children's book Milo Does Not Like Mornings comes the highly anticipated second book in the Tiny Ninja Books collection; Whitney Wins Everything.

Whitney is an athlete, a competitor, a powerhouse. Whitney loves to win and knows that everybody loves a winner. But when she isn't invited to a classmate's birthday party because she'll "win all the games," Whitney is confused. Now, Whitney wonders if her Tiny Ninja might be right, could there actually be more than one way to win?

Find out in Whitney Wins Everything.

Milo Does Not Like Mornings

For every parent who has ever struggled to get a kid out of bed in the morning, and for every kid who has ever struggled to stay there!

Milo is a boy who loves to run, and jump, and climb, and laugh, and swing.

But NOT in the morning.

In the morning, Milo doesn't like to move a muscle.

When Milo's mom tells him that she has an important meeting in the morning, Milo PROMISES her that she can count on him. But when the sun comes up, will Milo listen to his Tiny Ninja or will he stay fast asleep?

Find out in Milo Does Not Like Mornings. 


A Milo no le gustan las mañanas

!Para los padres que algunas veces han batallado para que sus niños salgan de la cama y para los niños que algunas veces han batallado para quedarse en cama!

Milo es un niño a quien le gusta correr, y brincar, y montar, y reír, y columpiar.

Pero NO por las mañanas.

Por las mañanas, a Milo no le gusta mover ni un dedo.
Cuando la mamá de Milo le dice que tiene que asistir a una reunión por la mañana, Milo le promete que puede contar con su apoyo.
?Pero cuando salga el sol, podrá Milo escuchar a su Ninja Pequeñito, o se quedará bien dormido?

Averígualo en A Milo no le gustan las mañanas.



Tiny Ninja Books is a delightful collection written by award-winning Arizona author, Sasha Graham. The books are perfect for kids ages 4-8 and the central idea of every story is that we are each born with our own Tiny Ninja who is the bravest, strongest, most awesome version of us. Our Tiny Ninja is always there for us, all we have to do is listen.

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