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Sports Will Save Us All

Sports Will Save Us All is a weekly podcast from Sasha Graham and The Tiny Ninja Network. On Sports Will Save Us All Sasha talks to fascinating people about everything that they've given to sports, and all of the things that sports have given them back. 


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No matter where you are in the world, you will find people playing, watching, and talking about sports. In fact, if ever there were a universal language, I think sports would be it. But what if there’s even more to it than a common experience? 

What if the things inherent to winning, losing, or even just watching a game hold the keys to…just about everything? 

This is Sports Will Save Us All, part of the Tiny Ninja Network, and I’m your host Sasha Graham.  Among many other things, I am an athlete and an author, and through a lifetime of loving sports, I’ve seen first-hand the power that they have in our lives. 

This podcast explores all of the things that make sports such a unique and unifying force. We talk it out with everyone from Olympic athletes to equipment managers. We bring you passionate opinions, answers to your burning questions, and great stories.

So, if you played every sport in high school and now break tennis rackets at your friendly neighborhood tennis tournament…or if you never played a sport in your life but tend to cry at YouTube videos of marathon finish lines, join us, because let’s face it, Sports Will Save Us All.

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