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Sports Will Save Us All


Welcome to our Sports Fam!

Sports Will Save Us All is an award-winning weekly podcast from Sasha Graham and is available on every major podcasting platform. Sasha launched the show in November 2022 and it has since climbed to the top 10% of all podcasts globally. 

Sasha is convinced that sports are the key to everything and that they are the unifying force that will save us all. Her love for great stories from the world of sports shines through in every episode as each week she brings another incredible guest into the studio to talk about how sports have impacted their life.

In addition to weekly interviews, once a month Sasha's friend, Steve, joins her in studio where they have a blast talking about sports movies in a special segment called Sports on Screen.  




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Suggest a guest: If you know someone with a great sports story we'd love to hear about it! Please send an email to SportsWillSaveUsAll@gmail.com

Listen: Sports Will Save Us All is available on wherever you listen to you favorite shows, including  Sports Will Save Us All on Apple Podcasts, Spotify