"Whitney Wins Everything" is now available!

About the Author and Illustrator

Sasha Graham, Author 

Sasha is a former executive at the Walt Disney Studios and her writing has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on television.She grew up on a farm in Oregon with her three siblings, a horse named Jim and a barn cat named Peanut Butter. She attended the University of San Francisco and following graduation, she worked in San Francisco as a television writer/producer and as a publicist. She later moved to Los Angeles to work for the Walt Disney Studios and it was in LA that she met her husband Alan, a pediatrician. Sasha is the author of two children's books, MILO DOES NOT LIKE MORNINGS (which has also been translated into Spanish) and WHITNEY WINS EVERYTHING. Both are part of the Tiny Ninja Books collection. 

It was the publicity tour for WHITNEY WINS EVERYTHING that inspired Sasha to launch her podcast, SPORTS WILL SAVE US ALL, bringing listeners great sports stories about the incredibly unifying nature of sports and all of the ways sports affect our lives. 

Sasha loves animals, sports, going on adventures with her husband and their three kids, reading, and, of course, dreaming up new Tiny Ninja stories. She is a longtime volunteer at Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship and a board member of The Giving Group AZ. She has been skydiving twice, bungee jumping once and dreams of visiting Madagascar to see the ring-tailed lemurs there. 

Sasha & Alan live in beautiful Arizona where they encourage each other, and their children, Finn, Indy & Odessa, to always listen to their Tiny Ninjas.  

Angelina Valieva, Illustrator

Illustrator Angelina Valieva was born into the family of artist Vladimir Valiev in Uzbekistan, and it was thanks to her father that she chose this fascinating profession. From a young age, her father directed her hand and taught her to draw.

 In 2005, she graduated from Republic Art College, where she studied graphic design. In addition to illustrating numerous children’s books that have been published worldwide, Angelina has participated in various international art competitions and has won many awards.                                     

Angelina’s favorite genre to illustrate is fantasy. “Working with children's illustrations gives you the opportunity to go back to your childhood and feel like a child again. This is a fabulous world; there are no borders and nothing is impossible. It makes me really happy when I dive into the atmosphere of a fairy tale world again and again.”