Tiny Ninja Stories...written by you!

Stories have a unique way of bringing us together and I want to share yours with the world! For a chance to have your work featured right here on TinyNinjaBooks.com all you have to do is....

1. Write your own Tiny Ninja short story or poem

2. Send your story or poem, along with your name, age and photo or drawing (optional) to Sasha@TinyNinjaBooks.com

3. Wait for us to contact you to let you know when your story will be up on TinyNinjaBooks.com for you to share with your family & friends! 


Please note: authors will not be paid for their stories or poems and agree to have their stories published on TinyNinjaBooks.com. The work may be removed from the site at any time at the discretion of Tiny Ninja Books or at the request of the author.