The Tiny Ninja Origin Story

I am the author of a collection of children’s books called Tiny Ninja Books where the central idea is that we are each born with our very own “Tiny Ninja” who is the very best version of us. Our ninjas embody all of the things that it is sometimes challenging to actually be; brave, patient, confident, compassionate and thoughtful. 

The first book in the collection, Milo does not like Mornings, tells the story of a little boy who promises his mom he will get up in the morning but instead falls right back to sleep. Luckily, Milo’s tenacious Tiny Ninja is determined to help him get up and in the end his mom is pleased and proud of what Milo is able to accomplish on his own. 

The most common question I am asked at appearances, is where I got the idea for the Tiny Ninja. 

My husband and I have three kids, two boys, Indy & Finn, and a girl, Odessa. When our boys were 3 and 5 they were borderline obsessed with ninjas in general and the Three Ninjas movies in particular. When we told them that a little sister would soon be joining our family they were delighted to have their very own, “third ninja,” for their pack. Worried that they were expecting me to deliver a fully-formed playmate, I gently explained that their sister would be very small in the beginning.  Undeterred, they quickly declared that she would be their “Tiny Ninja.” 

Since the birth of my daughter I have written dozens of Tiny Ninja stories but it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I hit upon the idea that our Tiny Ninjas are internal. They are that little voice, that gut feeling that it is so massively important for us to learn to trust. 

From the moment we become parents (and often long before) we are bombarded with opinions and judgments on how we should parent our kids. Even when we agree with the opinions, it’s exhausting. So instead of offering a lesson, my goal is to present kids and their grown-ups with relatable stories and the idea that within themselves they already have all of the tools they need; their Tiny Ninja.

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